High-performance, top-quality kiteboarding gear.

We only offer and use the world’s best kites, boards, and harnesses. We ride it, we test it and only then do we teach on it.Craftsmanship, durability, and safety are all important factors. While everyone has their own preferences, the trick is to teach, learn and progress on products that offer the best performance across the widest possible range of conditions.

A kite we love to
ride and teach on.

This year we will continue using THE PIVOT. Designed and made by Naish,a leading pioneer in the kiteboarding industry, thePivot is one ofthe best-selling kites on the market today. It’s forgiving freeride handling is easily adopted bybeginnersdueits wide wind range and predictable power generation.It is famous for itsjumping ability, responsiveness, and tight pivoting turns, making it an ideal kite for progressionand advanced riders and lessons alike.

It is an incredible all-around kite.

For boards and foils we also use Naish’s excellent kiteboarding line up.

Their market leading innovation and technology means that they also make some of the best and most robust boards available today.

While all eyes are usually in the sky or on the water, one of the most crucial and important pieces of equipment is what goes around our waist – the harness. Comfort and solid connectivity are essential when kiteboarding no matter what our level. It is essential that the harness adds to the experience by being almost ‘unnoticeable’ rather than being uncomfortable and therefore annoying.


produces the best harnesses on the market, second to none. We use them and you, the student, will learn using them.