Our kiteboarding lessons offer the very best instruction experience in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Our super friendly, positive IKO and BKSA instructor team, located on Long Bay beach, are on hand to help and assess every individual’s needs and wishes before heading out on the water to teach. We know that each student learns differently, has a different athletic background while also having a different amount of time available while on vacation. In short, each student and their lesson experience are unique. Yet our expectation remains the same – to provide the safest and highest quality instruction while also making the experience as fun as possible. Afterall, kiteboarding is highly addictive and our team love to share their energy and passion with you, the student.

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Coupled with our world class school location – warm shallow waist-deep water, the softest sand and perfect cross on shore winds, our daily kiteboarding lessons are easy to sign up for. One of our team are always on hand to answer your questions and book you in.

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Typically, there are two roads into kiteboarding. Peeked curiosity or a lack of time is often a precursor to booking our 2-hour kite experience as an introduction to the sport. Often, this leads to the full commitment of the 6, 8 or 10-hour courses to learn this sport from the ground up. Either way, kiteboarding is not a muscle sport. It is about finesse and technique. Therefore, it is a sport for everyone, young or old. Male or female. As long as you can swim. Come one come all.

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This continues to be the most popular choice for our guests. Whether you only have two hours to spare or the whole week to learn, the one-to-one focus and attention provided by the instructor means that you, the student, gets the most value out on the water to learn. Emphasis within the lesson shifts depending on the overall instruction arc, aim and timeframe available (getting a kite experience vs learning the fundamentals as part of a full course).

$350 ($175 PER HOUR)

This short introduction to kiteboarding is designed to give the student the immediate feel of what it is like to hold a kite in their hands, feel its power and try to get up on the board. If body dragging with your instructor doesn’t flick the switch, getting up on a board, even for a few seconds usually does the trick. The two hours on the water, does enough to demystify the sport while often confirming what the student already knows – that they want more and want to learn the sport.

If time is a constraint or you are not 100% sure that this is for you, then our two-hour kite experience is the best option.

(6HR/$950, 8HR/$1250, 10HR $1500)

Our full-length kiteboarding courses (private or semi-private) are aimed entirely at those of you who want to learn the sport from the ground up. This includes:

– Intro to the wind and kite power and flight dynamics.
– The kite, the bar, the harness, the board
– Safety systems, safety, kite etiquette
– Launching and landing
– Flying the kite, troubleshooting
– Body dragging and water starts
– Riding the board
– Self-rescue
– Progression

2-way radios and jet ski assisted instruction makes lessons easy. However, learning times vary enormously depending on wind conditions available as well as confidence. The general rule of thumb to success however is, commitment and time on the water. Before you know it, you will be riding back and forth looking for your first jumps.


Learning with someone has its place. Sharing this wonderful sport is what it is all about. Experiencing the progression while watching the success and mistakes of a family member or friend does provide amazing feedback in real time on what works and what doesn’t work. Sharing a lesson also offers one person a rest in between “goes”. A chance to reset and assess. Whether two of you are short on time or have time, shared instruction is an incredible option and often the only option if our team of four are required to teach a large family or group of 8-10 guests. In larger group settings this allows us to move our students between instructors and pair you up according to progression and current ability levels in order to maximize results.


For questions relating to kiteboarding check out our FAQs section.

There are lots of super helpful answers to very common questions like;

“do I need prior experience? – to which the answer is an emphatic “NO you don’t. Kiteboarding is for almost everyone”.

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