We are watermen and waterwomen; passionate about the ocean and with an insatiable desire to be part of her.

This force cools our islands as trade winds but for us, with the wind under our kites, a whole new world opens up. A world of freedom, expression, community and communion with nature.

Hooked in and hooked to the feelings of stoke, simplicity and satisfied exhaustion. There is always something new to teach and to learn. Staying up wind, toe-side-turns and jumping are all steps to exploring the wonderful world that kiteboarding has to offer.

It is the feeling of rising to new challenges that never leaves us as we teach you to ride, stay up, how to boost, kite loop, ride a foil or even surf a wave.

We have pioneered kiteboarding and kitesurfing in the Turks and Caicos Islands since the beginning.

In moving kiteboarding from the North Shore (Grace Bay) to what is now known as the world’s best place to learn, Long Bay, we have succeeded in sharing our passion by introducing hundreds of satisfied new riders to the sport while revealing to many world class professionals what this magical place is all about.

In doing so we have helped place TCI firmly into the epicentre of the Caribbean kite experience with magazine covers and editorials to underscore the epic nature of these islands.

Make no mistake, while the secret is out, Long Bay and our base on the beach, barely scratch the surface of what this place is all about. From mangroves to reefs, from outer islands to tiny deserted cays.

And that is what we are about. Experiences of all types; with nature, with or without the wind, above and below the water.

Yes, we want to share what the wind and waves have to offer.