Current providenciales wind conditions


with warm turquoise water that range from 78˚ in the winter (December – April) to 84˚+ in the summer (May – August). The Islands have year-round trade winds blowing 15 – 20knots from the NE in winter to the SE in the summer months. Meaning our average kite sizes are typically 9m-12m.

Long Bay has miles of shallow, waist deep water, uncrowded beaches, wide-open seas and on shore winds. It is the world’s best kiteboarding classroom.

There are some amazing mangrove slicks and channels. with many truly stunning shallow lagoons and bays.

When the conditions lineup we also have some stellar on shore and offshore reefs breaks.

There are so many options and places to kite with hardly a soul in sight, that choosing where to ride is the hardest part.